CCS: "Awaiting MyGov approval" Activity Test and CCS enrolment

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Activity Test:

The parent needs to sign into MyGov and complete the requisite activity test to confirm their eligibility for CCS.

  • Parents may believe they have completed this step because they received a letter confirming their eligibility earlier in the year. 
  • We encourage services to request parents whose children have this error message to go back into MyGov and double check that they have done everything they need to do.

Please note:

If the warning continues to show in Xplor, even after the tasks have been complete, all we can do is wait for Centrelink to update our data with the new completed data - as we must get a notification from Centrelink to remove these warnings. 

  • If parents are concerned as to whether they have completed the requisite activity test or not please get them to call Centrelink.