6. How to set up recurring fee payments?

This guide will show you how to set up recurring payments in Xplor. There are a number of ways that recurring payments can be set up.

  • Schools can create a new recurring payment (Credit Card and Bank Account payments methods)
  • Schools can import existing recurring payments (Bank Account only, not credit cards)
  • Parents can login and create their own recurring payments

Prerequisite for setting up recurring payments.

Parent data must be imported (or updated) as we require a valid debtor to be associated the each recurring payments.  

How to create a recurring payment 

  • Log In Xplor Schools.
  • Navigate to FINANCE menu, then RECURRING PAYMENTS
  • In the top right corner of the screen, click on the ADD button.

1. Parents Details

  • Select Parent Name that you would like to set up the recurring payment for.
  • Select Debtor Account that is associated with the recurring payments.
    • Parents can be associated with more than one debtor account, so if there are multiple debtor accounts, be sure to select the correct one.

2. Payment Method

With consultation with your parent, you can either select from an existing payment method, or add a new one.  

Select from existing method

  • Select Method, choose from either Credit Card or Bank Account
  • Select Card or Bank details. (Always good to ask the parent, which payment method they would like to choose from, by quoting the first and last 3 digits of Credit Card or account number.)

Creating a New Payment Method

  • Select the method type you would like to add
  • Click on the Add button to the right of the method selector
  • Enter in the credit card or bank account details and click Save.
    • These details will be saved against the parents account and securely on Westpac's PayWay Solution.

3. Importing Settings

Total Amount - We use the total amount to calculate the instalment amounts 

  • Enter the total amount
    • If this is a new recurring payment, then enter is the total amount owning. 
    • If this is an existing recurring payment, please enter the total amount owning, not the original balance.


  • Select the frequency in which payments will be taken out
  • You can choose from Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or Quarterly

Start Date 

  • Select the start date that the first or next payment will occur.
  • This start date will become the day of the week, or day of the month that each payment will be made

End Date

  • The end date will be the date that the recurring payment plan will be completed by.

Schools must acknowledge that they have an existing, or signed, direct debit authorisation for the parent prior to creating the recurring payment plan.  

Click create and the recurring payment plan will be set up and ready to be automated. 

View importing recurring payment data here