5. How to set-up fee payments?

This guide will get your schools set up in Xplor to begin accepting payments from parents for Fees.

There are two types of ways that Xplor can accept fee payments.

  • Guest Payment
    • A guest payment is a payment made by a person that is not logged into Xplor. They will need to enter in a debtors account number along with debtor's surname to validate they are paying against the right account.  
    • Each time a payment is made the payer must fill out all their details every time a payment is made.
  • Parent Payment
    • A parent payment is a payment made by a parent/guardian who is logged into Xplor.
    • The parent/guardian's details are securely stored, along with their payment methods, streamlining their payment process.

How to set up fee payment. 

To set up fee payments, all you need to do is the following few steps   

Configure PayWay settings

  • Login to xadmin.myxplor.com 
  • Go to Settings > 
  • Enter Secret and Publish key and click SYNC

REFERENCE: How to set up PayWay guide 

Import Parent Data

  • Go to Profiles > Imports
  • Where is says "Import Parents" Click on Choose Fie
  • Select the parent file and click on Open
  • Once the file is selected click "IMPORT"
  • If there are errors please refer to Parents Data Requirements to ensure the right formats
  • To review parents uploaded by going to Profiles > Parents

 REFERENCE: How to import parent and student data  and  Parents Data Requirements