3. How to add tax codes to items.

To add tax codes to your financial items, you must supply Xplor with your tax codes information. 

NOTE: If you are a TASS users, it is mandatory that you supply these tax codes as we need to include it into our receipt file.   

Please submit your tax codes using this form.

How to provide Tax Codes to Xplor

You are required to supply the following tax code information.  

  • School Name - So we can associate these tax codes to your school.  
  • Tax Code - The tax code from your SMS
  • Tax Label - The name that describes what the tax code is for
  • Tax Type - If the prices are Inclusive or Exclusive of the tax code
  • Value - What is the percentage associated with the tax code (e.g 0.10 for 10%)

*Once your tax codes have been uploaded you will have to update your ITEMS to have the right tax codes available.  

Go to PROFILES and navigate to ITEMS

  • Open an item you want to apply a tax code
  • Under TAX RULES, select the associated tax codes 
  • Click Update.
  • Done.