10. How do I reconcile payments from the Reports Section?

This guide will show you how to perform your daily reconciliation tasks to manage payments and declines. This will involve downloading a PayFile and importing that into your SMS, as well as downloading Declined Bank Transfer reports to reverse any transactions that may have been declined after three days.

What is a Payfile?

A Payfile is a file that lists all payments made by parents. Depending on your SMS, there can be either 1 or 2 payfile formats that can be downloaded. If there are two files there is one for Fees and one for Sundry receipts. Otherwise all payments are in one file. 

The Payfile is the file you will download each day as part of your daily reconciliation process and upload into your SMS. 

What is a Declined Bank Transfer Report?

Bank account transactions can take up to 3 days to clear. The Declined Bank Transfer Report allows you to see what bank transfer payments that have declined since the payment date.  This file is used to reverse any payments that have been previously allocated to a Debtor Account or to a GL.  

If a transaction appears in this file, the accounts person will have to manually reverse this payment out of their SMS.  

NOTE: Parents will be notified upon a Declined Transaction, so they can make the payment again.  

Where do I find the PayFile and Declined Bank Transfer Reports?

Under FINANCES navigate to REPORTS.

To download these reports, you will have to do the following

  1. Select Account - If you have multiple bank accounts, you will have to select the bank account you want to reconcile payments for. 
  2. Select Date Range - Select the date range that you wish to reconcile payments for. This can be a single day or a range.
  3. Select SMS - Select your SMS, so that we can provide the correct format.
  4. Download Payfile - Once downloaded you will have to upload into your SMS
  5. Declined Bank Transfer - Once you have downloaded, you will have to search for the receipt number to reverse the transaction.