8. How to set up store products?

Pre-Requisite for creating store products.

  • Item Data - The item data must be created, as a product will need to be associated to that item for it to work. Refer to How to set up Items Data

This guide will show you how to create and manage products in Store.

Products is the term we use for things that parents can purchase or book. These could be student activities, events and/or one off product purchases, such as a Year 12 Hoodie.

Setting up Store Categories

Creating a new category will generate a new tile on the parent portal. Multiple products then live under a category. Each category can have its own custom photo or an Xplor standard photo.

  1. Log into the Admin Portal using your credentials
  2. Click "Store" in the left hand menu
  3. In the expanded menu, click "Categories"
  4. In the top right corner, click the blue "Add" button
  5. Under "Cover image", select "choose image" to upload your image. Image must be square (800x800 is preferable) and file format must be JPEG for best results.
  6. Under "Name", type in the category name.


Setting up Store Products

  1. As a logged in school admin, click "Store" in the left hand menu
  2. In the expanded menu, click "Products"
  3. In the top right hand corner, click "Add"
  4. Fill out the information in each section (if applicable)
    1. "Cover image" refers to the image for that product. Select "choose image" to upload your image. Image must be square (800x800 is preferable) and file format must be JPEG for best results.
    2. "Status" drop down has two options: draft and published. Published means that it is live on the parent portal. Draft means it is NOT on the parent portal.
    3. "Category" has a drop down menu of your created categories. This is where you decide what category (tile) this product will fall under.
    4. "Item" refers to the GL & settlement account. "Items" are set up under Profiles > items. You may create multiple general items for products to be assigned to.
    5. Details Section - everything with a * next to it is mandatory
      1. *Name is the product/event name.
      2. *Description can be a a description of the product in more detail and may also be where you request certain information such 'If accessibility is required, please let us know in the comments box.'
      3. *Quantity refers to the capacity of the product. If there are unlimited seats available or unlimited products available, fill in with a very high number. If you set a quantity and that capacity is hit, no one will be able to register for it beyond the capacity limit.
      4. Start Date & Start Time refers to the date and time of the product (if an event, event start date & time). This may not be apply to all products. If it does not apply then leave blank.
      5. Contact can have the organiser's name and email/phone. This could be useful to direct questions related to the product to the organiser instead of school admins.
      6. *Price is where you include the cost of the product. If it is free, then please include 0 in the price field.

How do I add Permissions to a products? 

Permission Slips section

  1. Permission Slip tick box will be applicable to products that require parent permission for the student. If ticked, this will show on the product registration page and parents won't be able to make a payment without accepting the permission slip terms and conditions.
  2. Terms and Conditions field is where the Xplor team will upload with your required terms and conditions for the permission.

How do I add Data Capture to each products?

Entry Form section - this is the registration information required prior to payment. If it has a * next it, this means it will be mandatory for the registrant to complete before being able to proceed to the payments page. Tick the boxes for the registration information you require for the product

  1. Student Name (if selected, will be required) - applicable to products that only have student registrations
  2. Attendee Name (if selected, will be required) - applicable to products that could have parents register or grandparents. Essentially products that are not student only.
  3. Year Group (if selected, will be required) - could apply to products that are year group specific
  4. Starting year level - could apply to application fees/registration fees
  5. Starting year - could apply to application fees/registration fees
  6. Comments - very versatile text field. You can request specific information from registrants by letting them know in the description to include the specific information such as accessibility requirements, medical notes (ie. student is taking antibiotics once a day), etc.
  7. Dietary requirements - useful for any products that may be catered for
  8. Final year 
  9. Aquatic Centre Reference - could apply to swim classes at your aquatic centre

If you have additional forms fields that you would like captured, please contact [email protected]