7. How to set up donations?


This guide will help you get donations set up in Xplor.

Parents can make Donations when making a FEE payment, or if they click directly into the DONATIONS payment tab.  Either way this guide will get you set up in no time.

To get DONATIONS up and running, you will need to create item under PROFILES > ITEMS.

  1. In the top right corner, click "Add"
  2. Fill in the form:
    1. Name:  The name of the donation fund. 
    2. Type: For donations to work, you must select DONATION
    3. Code: Donations can have a FUND CODE.  If you use SYNERGETIC, you must enter in the FUND CODE, otherwise it will not reconcile.
    4. Description: Type in any description for the item so anyone using the system can see what it will need to be used for.
    5. Receipt Description: If your donations has a DGR Status, this is where you can place your personalised message that will appear on the payers receipt.
    6. Value: This will appear as a suggested amount.
    7. Tax Rules: Select the tax codes that are associated with this item. In this case, it is probably tax exempt
    8. General Ledger: This is where the school's specific general ledger is entered and set up
    9. Sub General Ledger: This is where the school's specific sub general ledger is entered and set up if applicable. 
    10. Credit card ID & Bank Account ID: These fields are for selecting the correct settlement account for the funds of this item to go to. These accounts can be set up in PayWay as we only display the settlements set up in PayWay.
  3. Click "Create" when finished.