Release Notes: 6th June 2018

Release Notes

6th July

Dear Services,

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services.

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CCS Reminders 

Parent Benefits - Signed CWAs

The latest date for a parent to sign their CWA, before they are at risk of loosing CCS benefits for the week of July 2 is today, Friday 6th July.

After this date, all enrolments will have a start date which matches the date that parents agree to the CWA and any sessions prior to the agreement date will not have subsidies claimed.

To assist services with outstanding CWAs, Office has made a change to the 'Missing CWA' badge under Government Rebates > Government Enrolments.

Any children with a red 'Missing CWA' badge will not be eligible to receive subsidy payments, unless their CWA is agreed to by parents in the parent portal.

You can view a list of outstanding CWA parent approvals in report format easily in Office by navigating to Government Rebates > CCS Reports and finding the "Outstanding CWAs" download link. 

This Week's Updates

New CCS Reports

From next week, Office will have a great new place to generate all CCS related reports located under Government Rebates > CCS Reports.

This is where you will find all reports for CCS session submissions and CCS payments

To generate a CCS report just select a report from the top left-hand corner of the screen.

We currently have two CCS reports available:

  • Outstanding CWAs: A list of CWAs that have not been agreed to by parents.
  • CCS Payments: Similar to CCMS remittance advice, a list of government payments for CCS.

Additional CCS reports will be added by the Office over the coming weeks.

Opening Balance Tool

The Opening Balance tool under Financial > Opening Balance has been modified to prevent an opening balance from being added if transactions already exist on accounts.

This logic has been added to ensure the financial integrity of parent accounts and to adhere with the general ledger accounting approach.

To add an Opening Balance or any other balance adjustment please use the new 'Balance Adjustment' tool (See Below).

New Balance Adjustment Tool

The new Balance Adjustment tool under Financial > Balance Adjustment replaces some of the previous functionality of the opening balance tool, enabling services to adjust an account's balance for any required reason.

This tool also ensures balance adjustments are displayed on parent statements at the actual time they take place and cannot be back-dated or future-dated to adhere with the general ledger accounting approach.

Automatic Balance Adjustments

Some services may notice a 'Balance Adjustment' item on parent statements.

Please Note: this item is visual only, and does not impact the account's true balance or scheduled payment deductible amounts.

We have automatically added this item in to help some services balance the parent's transaction list with the account closing balance. Some examples of balances displaying incorrectly result from account-level changes such as primary carer switches.

Upcoming Releases 

New CCS Navigation

You may notice some changes to the menu. This is to facilitate the move to CCS and provide access to both CCS and CCMS in one area of the application.

As well as new menu changes, you will also be seeing new menu items appearing. Don't panic, we will announce each change individually and explain exactly what the change is and how it might impact you.

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