Creating a new CWA for children

Please ensure the child is active in order to create a CCS enrolment.

Before creating a new CWA:

Please check the name, DOB and CRN for both the primary carer and the child are correct under Profiles > Children. Save this information in the profile by clicking the "Save" at the bottom of the page.

  • Ensure the child has at least 6 weeks worth of bookings if they are a new enrolment. If they are casual they will require at least one booking. 
  • All child enrolments at your service, new and old, must have an agreed CWA if the family want to receive (and is eligible for) CCS.

You can create a new CWA by going to the following:

1. Go to 'Child Care Subsidy' > 'Government Enrolments' > Enter the child's name and find them on the list > Click '+ New CCS Enrolment' which appears under the heading 'CCS Government Enrolment'. See below image for reference.


2. Under the 'Complying Written Arrangement' check the routine sessions (these generate as per the Master Roll for that week) or leave blank for a casual or vacation enrolment > Then press "Create" and "Done".

This will release a draft to the families.


3. Please inform the parent who is the primary carer - the parent listed under the heading "Active Xplor Profile" under the "Government Enrolments" tab (see image below) so they can login and approve the CWA on the Xplor Parent Portal.


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