CCS: Creating a new CWA for a child

A Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) is an agreement to provide care in return for fees. All child enrolments at your service must have an agreed CWA for the family to be eligible for CCS. Creating the CWA is the first step to create a child's CCS enrolment. 

Before creating a new CWA, please make sure that:

  • The child is active on Xplor.
  • The primary carer for the child is correct. 
  • Both the child and primary carer's DOB and CRN is correct on their Xplor profile.
  • If the child/ren will attend regularly child has at least 6 weeks worth of bookings on the Master Roll if the child will attend regularly. If the child will attend casually or only during vacation care, at least one booking is required on the Master Roll. 

How do I create a CWA for a child?

  1.  Go to 'Child Care Subsidy' > 'Government Enrolments' > select child's name > '+ New CCS Enrolment'.
  2.  Check the routine sessions. These generate automatically as per the Master Roll for that week. If the child attends casually or only during vacation care, leave it blank. Click "Create" then "Done". This will release a draft to the families.

  3.  Inform the parent to sign the CWA. See this article for parent steps: CCS: Parent Steps. To view the CWA, click on "View Parent Approval".