Reading Accounts and Statements


"Statement" viewScreen_Shot_2018-07-03_at_4.59.59_pm.png

- an equivalent to the old summary statement just with an updated format.

  • You can select a period for the statement in the date range boxes at the top- this will show all transactions between those dates. 
  • "Date" - the date of the fees
  • "Description" the type of fee or subsidy, plus the child it is in regards to.
  • "CCS subsidy" - the subsidy you received for that date in total.
  • "Daily Fee" - the fee incurred for that day in total. Please note: the name "daily fee" just means that is the fee incurred for that day and does not specify the fee type. These are the fees agreed to on the CWA. This name may be subject to change in future weeks as we further develop the statements.
  • "Hours" -the hours for the day.
  • "Debit" "Credit" whether the fee was a debit or credit to the account.
  • "Balance" a running balance depending on the debit or credit for the day.
  • "Email parent statement" - press to email the statement to the parent.
  • "Download parent statement" - this will download to your computer a printable version of the statement in the period you have selected. 


"Printable or Downloadable statement" view


  • "Government CRN" - the CRN of the person the account statement is for.
  • "Statement period" - the period you have generated the statement for found in the top right corner. 
  • "Statement Generated" - the date the statement was generated, or today's date.


  • "Opening balance at..." - what your balance was according to the statement period start date.
  • "New fees and charges" - total fees and charges occurred over the period of the statement.
  • "Payments/Refunds" - credit payments and refunds received over the period of the statement.
  • "Closing balance at..." - what the closing balance was according to the statement end date.




- Transactions show the transactional history for the period of the statement.

Please note: there may not be a transaction for every day of the period. (E.g. Even if you generate the statement from the 14th of May, the transactions may only start from the 21st of May.)

- The transactional history will show future transactions a week in advance, these are estimates based on future bookings and may be subject to change. The CCS estimates, are purely estimates and are not based on any exact future payments.

  • "Date" - the date of the transaction.
  • "Daily fee..." - the fees incurred for the booking, 'daily fee' does not specific the fee type, you can verify this according to the debit amount.
  • "Subsidy" - the subsidy received from the government, this covers both CCS subsidy and CCMS (CCR/CCB) paid if the statement period commences before 2nd July.
  • "Hours" - the hours of the booking for the date.
  • "Debit" - the cost of the fee. 
  • "Credit" - the amount received back from the subsidy. 
  • "Balance" - running balance based on the debits and credits to the account.


Statement of entitlement


- You are entitled to a certain amount of subsidy every fortnight. If you use all of your subsidy entitlement hours in the first week, you may not be entitled in the second week and this will not show up on the statement of entitlement. 

  • "Week" - the week of the entitlement.
  • "Type" - the type of care.
  • "Hours" - the hours of care recorded for that week.
  • "Fee" - the fee for that week.
  • "CCS" - the subsidy received for that week.
  • "CCS %" - the percentage of subsidy you receive on your fees. 
  • "CCS Hours" - the amount of hours you are entitled to fort nightly.
  • "Gap" - the fee you have incurred after the subsidy has been paid.