CCS: Releasing adjusted CWAs

How do I release an adjusted CWAs to parents?

Updated CWAs will be automatically available to parents once the centre admin has saved changes made to the CWA. Go to:

"Child Care Subsidy"
> "Government Enrolments"
> Search for the child’s enrolment
> Click on "+ Actions"
> From the drop down list click on "Update Enrolment Schedule" and add or remove booking sessions from the calendar.
> Then Click "Save" and "Done".

There is no release button. "Save" and "Done" will update the CWA on the parent portal.

There may be a delay in changes reflecting on the parents CWA especially if the internet is slow.

Please allow some time for the system to update the CWA with these changes. Further please ensure the parent is using the primary carers account to login, as well as, a computer with Google Chrome as the web browser.


For further information, check out our CWA FAQ