CCS Relevant Arrangements (RA)



What is a Relevant Arrangement?

A "Relevant Arrangement" (RA) is a type of enrolment which indicates families who are not eligible to receive CCS. 

An RA is for families who have not completed their CWA or have confirmed their enrolment to receive CCS, or for those families who are not eligible to receive CCS subsidy (e.g. not Australian citizens but using child care). It is compliant with the government as all children attending childcare require some sort of enrolment.

If, or when, the family is eligible for CCS, please make sure you create a CWA enrolment for the child.

Until a CWA enrolment is created, the child's sessions will be submitted against the RA enrolment. This means the family will not receive Child Care Subsidy payments, until they have a confirmed CWA enrolment. 

How to create an RA? 

Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select child > + New CCS Enrolment > Relevant Arrangement > Create.