CCS Acronyms and Status messages


Go to "Child Care Subsidy" > "Government Enrolments" > You will see all your children's enrolments in a list.  There may be a variety of messages showing up beside the children's enrolments.



Screen_Shot_2018-07-03_at_4.03.54_pm.png Screen_Shot_2018-07-03_at_4.08.10_pm.png

This can mean the activity test is incomplete - the parent needs to go into MyGov and complete the activity test. If they have already done this and have confirmed that it has been completed in MyGov, this means the system is yet to update with the information. It could also mean that the enrolment needs to be confirmed in MyGov.


"Pending Eligibility"


This means the CWA is being processed by the government and it will soon be "Confirmed". There is no action required on this status. 


"CCMS Warning" "No CCMS"



This means the CCMS government enrolment has been ended. This error message can be ignored as from July 2nd 2018 we commenced CCS enrolments. These warnings should all now be removed from the Government Enrolments screen.


"CWA Disputed"


The parent has disputed the CWA, they will have to get in contact with Centrelink and get the dispute removed. 


"CWA Missing"


This means the parent has not agreed to the CWA on the account. The parent needs to log into the primary carer account and agree to the CWA. Click here for more CWA Frequently asked questions. If the parent has signed the CWA and has confirmed in their account, the system may be taking a while to update.


"RA" "Relevant Arrangement"



"RA" Relevant Arrangement- made for families who are not eligible for CCS. Every family must have an enrolment, so this is for families who have no completed their CWA to receive CCS subsidy, or for those families who are not eligible to receive CCS subsidy (e.g. not Australian citizens but using child care).

If the family is eligible for CCS you will need to release a CWA to the parents for them to sign. Once they have signed the RA will cancel and they will be registered under CCS. 


"Organisation arrangement"


This is an enrolment for families who are receiving third party funding of some kind. 


"Only CCS"


This means that only a CCS enrolment is created for the child - this is fine, no action is required. 


"CWA Confirmed"



The CWA is complete, no further action required.


Refresh button 


Press the blue refresh to pull the most recent information from the system (See above).