Release Notes: July 2nd 2018


Dear Services,

With CCS finally here, we have a special CCS edition of our release notes including important announcements, features and improvements to share with our services.

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Important Fixes & Features 

Hub Attendance Fix

The development team has identified an issue were attendances on the Hub were delayed in being reflected on the Master Roll due to a query issue.

This issue has since been resolved and an immediate hotfix has been deployed. Attendances will begin to display correctly within the next hour.


Accounts Fixes

We have released some important hot fixes to the accounts popup:

  • Users can now once again view the descriptions added to manual payments.
  • The payment reversal confirmation text has been replaced to inform users that the transaction will be reversed and not deleted.

Please Note: The account popup transactions listing no longer displays specific subsidy details such as CCB% and CCR as seperate line items. You can still see these details in the parent statement PDFs.


CCS Enrolments Enhancements

To ensure users now only see relevant enrolment information for CCS, the CCS enrolments interface has been updated under Government Rebates > Government enrolments.

  • CCMS and CCS enrolments have been switch in order to reflect CCS enrolments first.
  • All warning flags for no CCMS enrolments have been hidden as they are no longer required.

CCS Reminders


Add a new CCS Enrolment

Office allows you to create a new enrolment of CWA, RA, OA, and ACCS child wellbeing directly from within our CCS user interface.

To create a new CCS enrolment for a child navigate to Government Rebates > Government Enrolments and find a child for whom you would like to create a new enrolment.

You can then select the child and scroll down to "+ New CCS Enrolment" where you will see a list of available enrolment types.


CCS Estimates

Estimates for CCS use the government's entitlements API which requires parents to have an active CWA which is in a 'confirmed' status.

A confirmed status means the CWA is both approved in Office and Confirmed in MyGov after taking the Child Care Subsidy assessment.

Any parent who has not yet confirmed their CWA in MyGov will not be eligible to receive subsidies and will also not have estimates calculated.

Please Note: CCS estimate values include the government's 5% withholding value for applicable parents. All CCS % figures are displayed without the government's 5% withholding value.


Outstanding CWA Approvals Report

You can view a list of outstanding CWA parent approvals in report format to easily determine which parents need to approve their CWAs from the Parent Portal.

To view this report, navigate to Government Rebates > Government Registrations and finding the "Outstanding CWAs" download link on the top right corner.