How do I check which families have not approved their CWAs?

First Time Enrolments

If a child has never had a CWA signed at the service, you will be able to visually see if the CWA has been signed or not. Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments. In the list of children, if 'Missing Approval' is showing, the CWA is still to be signed by the parent.


All Children - Missing CWA Report

You can view a list of outstanding CWA parent approvals in report format, to easily determine which parents need to approve their CWAs from the Parent Portal in Home. This will include CWAs that have been sent out on active enrolments.

To view this report:

  • Reports > CCS Reports > Service - Level CCS > Select A Report > Missing CWA Approvals > Generate.

This will open as a CSV file in Excel and have a list of all children with an outstanding CWA.