CCS: Steps before releasing CWAs

What steps should I complete before I release my CWAs to my parents?

First, you should check your fees in "Profiles" > "Services" > "Fees". Ensure that any holiday fees or staff discount fees are set to 'Admin Only' so your families cannot see these fee options.

Second, Ensure that the child in Xplor has six weeks of bookings.

Third, Go through your CCS enrolments in:

"Government Rebates" > "Government Enrolments" to check that children with fortnightly bookings have their bookings set out on the correct weeks.

You can check schedules by clicking "+ View approved enrolment schedule" and make changes by going to "+ Actions" > "Update Enrolment Schedule" > Make changes > Press "Save" and "Done".

  1. If any children receive discounts, e.g. staff discounts, this has to be added to their individual CWA under "Additional Conditions" . This is accessible through "Government Rebates" > "Government Enrolments" > Search for the child > Enter against their CCS Enrolment.

  2. Once these steps have been completed, you can release your CWAs through "Government Rebates" > "Government Registrations".