CCS: Family didn't receive CWA?


Here's a quick trouble-shooting guide for families that didn't receive their CWA:

  • Ensure that they are using a computer, rather than a mobile to login to
  • Please have them check the internet is working on the computer by turning the wifi on & off and logging in/out of Xplor. 
  • Secondly, ensure they are using Google Chrome as a web browser as this works best for Xplor.
  • Thirdly, if you have checked the above:
    • Go to their CWA in "Child Care Subsidy" > "Government Enrolments" > Search for the child’s enrolment > Click on "+ Actions" > From the drop down list click on "Update Enrolment Schedule" and check all the details on the enrolment.
    • Once sure it is correct, click "Save" and "Done". This will update the CWA and the parent can then login to You may need to allow some time for the changes to reflect on the parents profile.

If possible, we would also recommend letting the parent use a centre computer to login so that you can walk through the steps with them in person. We have had issues raised which turned out to be items like the wifi / internet isn't working so you can double-check by doing these in person.


For further information, check out our CWA FAQ