CCS: Update Enrolment Schedule

You will need to update a child's enrolment schedule whenever the child's regular bookings or fees change. This will need to be manually performed by the service administrator via the 'Government Enrolments' tab. This needs to be performed in order to be compliant with the government. 

Click this link for information from the Child Care Provider Handbook: Update government enrolments

In Xplor, to update an enrolment schedule go to:

  • Go to “Child Care Subsidy" tab > "Government Enrolments" tab  > Search and select child you would like to update > Scroll to ‘CCS Government Enrolment’ to ensure there is a CCS enrolment to update > Click “+ Actions” > Select “Update Enrolment Schedule”.


  • This action will not change the enrolment schedule that appears under "View Approved Enrolment Schedule" until the enrolment schedule is confirmed by the parent in the government enrolment tab. 
  • The 'View Parent Approval' tab will appear as "This agreement has not been signed" until the parent confirms the new enrolment schedule in Xplor. 
  • Once you have updated the enrolment schedule, the parent can accept the new fees and charges in their account.
  • Once accepted, they will not be required to confirm a new enrolment in MyGov. This is only for entirely new enrolments.