Pre-School Exemption and Eligibility in Xplor

To claim this benefit in Xplor, pre-school children will have to have bookings in a "Pre-School" room type each week. 

  • Children have to have at least one booking in the pre-school room type during the week to claim this subsidised care, they also have to be entitled to it according to the government.
  • At the end of each week, Xplor will submit to the government and children entitled to claim the pre-school subsidy will receive it. 
  • If your child is not receiving subsidy even when they are set up in this room, please get the family to contact Centrelink and check they are set up correctly on their end.

To ensure you have children set up to collect this subsidy you need to:

1. Create a room type "Pre-School"

Go to "Profiles" > "Rooms" > "Add Room" > Fill in the room details, ensuring you select "Pre-School" as the 'Room Type' (See image below) > Click "Add".Screen_Shot_2018-06-29_at_10.19.43_am.png

This will create the pre-school room as an option to select for children's bookings.

2. You will need to add children to this room by making them a booking 

Go to "Master Roll" > Find the Child/children > Create their booking/s choosing room type as "Pre-School"> Click "Save". Screen_Shot_2018-06-29_at_10.24.50_am.png

Background information:

  • What is the Pre-School Exemption?

Parents who do not meet and are not otherwise exempt from the Child Care Subsidy activity test will be entitled to 36 hours of subsidised care per fortnight to support their preschool-aged child to attend a preschool program at a Centre Based Day Care service.

A family is entitled to the preschool exemption if:

  1. They are eligible for Child Care Subsidy;
  2. The parent/s do not meet and are not otherwise exempt from the activity test, meaning their usual entitlement is less than 36 hours of subsidised care per fortnight (0 or 24 hours based on the family’s income);
  3. They have a preschool aged child ("Pre-school is defined as a child in the year two years before grade one of school") and;
  4. That child attends an early educational program at a Centre Based Day Care service.

The preschool exemption does not apply to other children in the family who are not preschool aged. For those children, the family’s usual entitlement will apply.


Click this link to learn more about the Pre-School Activity Test Exemption.

Click this link for information on the Pre-School Exemption from the department of education.

Click this link for information on how families apply for the Pre-school exemption.

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