CWAs - Fixing Incorrect Hours

Common Question:

My parents are seeing incorrect hours on their CWA. How do I adjust them all of them at once?

  • First of all, as an admin ensure fees are correct by going to "Settings" > "Service Settings" select "Service" > "Fees" tab. Screen_Shot_2018-06-26_at_2.19.38_pm.png

Once fees are checked and updated, you can update all the families on the Master Roll:


  • Go to the "Master Roll" > Click the box in the left hand corner (See below) > This will select all your children on the master roll > Then click "Update Bookings". 
  • Allow some time for the "Update Bookings" button to complete the update. 


Confirm the change on CWA:

  • Once you have updated bookings on all accounts, you can then confirm the updated hours by going to:
  • "Child Care Subsidy" tab > "Government Enrolments" tab > Check a child's CWA.

You can re-release CWAs in bulk:

  • If you would like to re-release CWAs in bulk, please send us this request in writing (via email). Although, this will mean any individual changes or additional conditions will have to be manually re-added to the CWAs by admin.