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How do parents access the CWA from their web account?

Please note: You cannot access your CWA from the app, please ensure you are logging into the web.

1. Firstly,  ensure you are using:

  • A computer;
  • Google Chrome as web browser;
  • web.myxplor.com and logging into the Primary Carer's account - if you do not know who the primary carer is please ask your centre admin.

2. Once logged into the primary carers account:

  1. Select your child
  2. In the side bar click on the option "CCS Agreements".




3. If you can see your CWA:

  • Check through the bookings and fees, if correct, press "Agree".



4. If you cannot see your CWA:

  1. Firstly, please ensure you are using a computer, Google Chrome as a web browser and the primary carers account.
  2. If you are already doing the above, ask your centre admin to re-release your CWA.
  3. If you can still see nothing, please ask your centre admin to get in touch with Xplor support and we will troubleshoot the issue for you.