Parents: Getting started on Xplor Schools

As a parent, you will have received an invitation to Xplor Schools via email. The email will be the one provided to the school.

This invitation to your school's payment platform has instructions for setting up your password:

  1. Go here to enter in your email address associated with your school
  2. Receive an email with a link to set your password - click 'Reset Your Password'
  3. Enter in any password you'd like as long it meets the password criteria and click "reset password"
  4. Go to your school's Xplor site - this link will have been sent to you in the introduction email or can likely be found on your school's website.
  5. At the top right hand corner, click "Sign In"
  6. Enter your email and new password to sign in
  7. Upon logging in, you should see your name in the top left corner and a green bar at the top saying 'Signed in successfully'
  8. Now you can start making payments

**Please note that to go back to your home page, click on the school logo at the top of the page.**

As a parent, you do not need to enter in your email, parent code, or contact details. Your school would have set this up for you in the database so that making payments is easier for you.


What's Next?

Click here to learn how to save your credit/debit card details and/or bank accounts details.