2. How do I upload parent and student data?

Parent data is essential for Xplor to begin to accept fee payments. The parent data allows Xplor to do the following:

  • Note: email address is the unique identifier used in Xplor. 
  • Create Parent user accounts so parents can sign in and store payment methods securely
  • Ensure that fee payments are paid to the right debtor account
    • Eg. when a guest is making a fee payments, Xplor validates that the Debtor ID provided matches the account holders surname.
  • Fee payment receipts have the correct parent details.      

Student data is reference data, that enables Xplor to personalise the parent experience.

This is core data for Xplor to start accepting fees:

How to set up fee payments

How to set up recurring payments

How to upload data?

Follow these steps to upload your parent and student data into Xplor as part of setting up your school:

  1. Login as a school administrator
  2. Click Profiles
  3. Click Imports
  4. Click Download Template underneath import parents - Refer to Parent data Requirements
  5. Click Download Template underneath import students - Refer to Student data Requirements
  6. Download parent and student data from your school management system
  7. Manipulate the data into the Template for both parents and students
  8. Save to your computer
  9. Under Profiles > Imports, click Choose File under Import parents
  10. Select the newly created file for Xplor with parent information from your computer
  11. Click Import
  12. Repeat steps 10-12 for Import Students 

To check the parent import uploaded properly, go to Profiles > Parents. You should see all your parent information in there.

To check the student import uploaded properly, go to Profiles > Students. You should see all your student data in there.

NOTE:  Schools will need to update parent and student data regularly to ensure that new parents and students are in Xplor. 

Xplor recommends Schools update parents and student data, at least, every month. We can accept updates on a daily basis if required.