4. How to set up Items Data?

Consider "Items" as Financial Items, which are use to ensure that payments are deposited into the correct bank account, and (if applicable) can be reconciled to the correct GL or Sub GL from within your PayFile.  

If the item has a "Type" that is Donation, then these Donation items will display to parents as voluntary donations in the FEES and DONATIONS sections.  

Items will also be used when creating products, so take note as these are essential to streamlining your reconciliation process.

To set up an Item:

  1. In the left hand menu of the admin site, click "Profiles"
  2. In the extended menu, click "Items"
  3. In the top right corner, click "Add"
  4. Fill in the form:
    1. Name:  The name of the donation fund or the item name (ie. overseas trips, excursions, etc). Remember that if you have different general ledger code for excursions vs overseas trips, that there is an item for each of those individually.
    2. Type: This is where you select how this appear in the receipt file. 
      1. General is for any general ledger that will be associated to products. Most commonly used type.
      2. Donation is for any donation fund. This selection will make the fund appear under the donations tile.
      3. Debtor is for items that need to be assigned to a debtor id (aka parent code). This will be used the least.
    3. Code: This is for item codes that may exist in your SMS. Donations are required to have a FUND CODE so please enter it here.
    4. Description: Type in any description for the item so anyone using the system can see what it needs to be used for.
    5. Receipt Description: If you want a specific description to appear on a receipt, use this field. If your donations has a DGR Status, this is where you can place your personalised message.
    6. Value: Placing a monetary amount in this field will make it a suggestion of the amount that should be donated for donation type items. This field does not apply for general or debtor types.
    7. Tax Rules: Select the tax codes that are associated with this item.  If you haven't uploaded your Tax Codes 
    8. General Ledger: This is where the school's specific general ledger is entered and set up. BE SURE TO CHECK THIS IS CORRECT AS IT WILL EFFECT WHERE RECEIPTS ARE ALLOCATED.
    9. Sub General Ledger: This is where the school's specific sub general ledger is entered and set up if applicable
    10. Credit card ID & Bank Account ID: These fields are for selecting the correct settlement account for the funds of this item to go to. These accounts can be set up in PayWay as we only display the settlements set up in PayWay.  BE SURE TO CHECK THIS IS CORRECT AS IT WILL EFFECT WHERE PAYMENTS ARE DESPOSITED.
  5. Click Create when finished. 

If you want to import an item file, please refer to the item data requirements

To edit any item, click "View".

To delete any item, click "Archive".