2. Schools Data Terminology

Every school has different terminology so we've tried to take the most straight forward terms. Below is a bit of a glossary for school administrators.

Items - Items are located under Profiles > Items. 

"Items" are core to the reconciliation process.  If set up correctly, "items" ensure payments go to the correct right bank account.  Item's also allocate payments to the correct General Ledger (GL) or Sub allocation ledger (Sub-GL) when importing your Payfile into your SMS. 

Items that have the type "Donation" will be displayed to parents in two areas of the Parent experience.

  • FEE section, where it will be displayed as a voluntary donations with a suggested amount below the FEE payment area.
  • DONATIONS section, where it will be displayed as a voluntary donations with a suggested amount

Parents - Parents are located under Profiles > Parents

"Parents" information is essential to setting up Xplor and allows us to do the following

  • Provide parents a secure logged in experience where they are can save and store payment methods.
  • Ensure fee payments get allocate to the correct debtor account
  • Provide parents receipts 

To find out more information

Store Categories - Store Categories are located under Store > Store Categories

"Store Categories" are used to group products in a logical manner for parents to locate what they want to pay for.  These categories will appear in the parents experience as additional "cards". 

Products - Products are located under Store > Products

"Products" are items that sit under a Store category that parents can purchase.  These products can be used many types of purchases such as:

  • Extra-curricular activities - including permissions
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Events - e.g. Parents Disco night
  • Year 12 Class of 2019 Hoodies