Release Notes: 22nd June 2018

Dear Services,

With only a little over one week left until CCS, we have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services.

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CCS Reminders

CCS Estimates

Estimates for CCS use the government's entitlements API which requires parents to have an active CWA which is in a 'confirmed' status.

A confirmed status means the CWA is both approved in Office and Confirmed in MyGov after taking the Child Care Subsidy assessment.

Any parent who has not yet confirmed their CWA in MyGov will not be eligible to receive subsidies and will also not have estimates calculated.

Please Note: CCS estimate values include the government's 5% withholding value for applicable parents. All CCS % figures are displayed without the government's 5% withholding value. 

Child Names in Office

The name that you assign to a child in Admin portal will also be the name that we send to the government for a child's CWA enrolment. 

We understands that many services use the child's name as a place to tag various attributes including AMEP, JET and if the child is in the care of the mother or father.

In order to prevent this information being sent to the government for a child's CWA enrolment, We will be automatically stripping out any text that is surrounded by brackets.

Note: This will only impact what is sent to the government and not what users see within Office.

For example if the child's name is '(AMEP) John Smith', the (AMEP) tag will be automatically removed before the CWA is sent to the government.

We ask services to please amend their child names in admin portal before releasing their CWA enrolments to parents. 

Parent Portal CWA Communications

Please Note: We will not be emailing parents to ensure they approve the CWA in the parent portal.

We ask that services communicate with parents to visit the parent portal once they are happy with both the fees and bookings for each CWA. 

This Week's Features 

New Accounts Popup

The old accounts popup has been overhauled for CCS to help administrators better understand parent accounts.

New features include:

  • The ability to view past primary carer's accounts
  • The ability to see an even more detailed account view including CCS subsidy payments.

You can access the new accounts popup from the same location as the old account popup Financial > Accounts > Statement. 

Statements - Enhancements

To meet the government's requirements for 'Statements of Entitlement' under CCS has made some changes to the parent detailed statement, including:

  • The provider's name is now specified above the service's name in the top left hand corner.
  • The child's ID is now available in the child summary section
  • Absences now display from the government's entitlement service
  • The CCMS section has been renamed to 'Statement of Entitlement CCMS'
  • A new section 'Session Summary' (detailed below)
  • A new CCS section 'Statement of Entitlement CCS' (detailed below)

Statements - Session Summary

To meet the government's requirements for reporting sessions of care including hourly fees and digital attendance we are introducing a new 'Session Summary' section to parent statements.

This section includes the session start and end times, the hourly fee, the hours and the sign-in and sign-out times for the session.


Statements - Statement of Entitlement CCS

The CCS Statement of Entitlement section, similar to the CCMS section includes the CCS estimate (including the government's withholding %), CCS percentage (excluding the government's withholding %), CCS fortnightly hours and the GAP.


Fee Schedule Enhancements

The Fee Schedule section has been enhanced to include the ability to add a free text note which will enable services to specify any global fees other than session fees that all parents will incur for example an FDC Educator Levy Fee or Administration Fee.

To add free text to the Fee Schedule navigate to Profiles > Services > Fees and find the 'Fee Schedule Additional Notes' section.

Parents will see this free text note at the bottom of the fee schedule .


Upcoming Releases

New CCMS/CCS Navigation

You may notice some changes to the Office menu. This is to facilitate the move to CCS and provide access to both CCS and CCMS in one area of the application.

As well as new menu changes, you will also be seeing new menu items appearing. Don't panic, we will announce each change individually and explain exactly what the change is and how it might impact you.


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