Release Notes on CWA Enrolments

This article is a copy of our release notes sent out to customers in June 2018 on Xplor CWAs. 

Important Tips on CWAs

Xplor has some important tips to share with services regarding their CCS Complying Written Agreements (CWAs) that will help make the transition easier for both services and parents. 

Child Names in Xplor

The name that you assign to a child in Xplor's Admin portal will also be the name that we send to the government for the child's CWA enrolment. 

Xplor understands that many services use the child's name as a place to tag various attributes including AMEP, JET and if the child is in the care of the mother or father.

In order to prevent this information being sent to the government for a child's CWA enrolment, Xplor will be automatically stripping out any text that precedes the child's first name and is in brackets.

For example if the child's name is (AMEP) John Smith, the (AMEP) tag will be automatically removed before the CWA is sent to the government.

We ask services to please amend their child names in Xplor's admin portal before releasing their CWA enrolments to parents.

CWA Enrolment Type

Xplor has made the decision to automatically create only CWA enrolments that are of a routine session and casual session mixed type.

This enables our services the greatest flexibility in the future to allow parents to make casual bookings, however also allows services the ability to lock down routine sessions with parents. 

Parent Portal CWA Communications

Please Note: Xplor will not be emailing parents to ensure they approve the CWA in the parent portal.

We ask that services communicate with parents to visit the Xplor parent portal once they are happy with both the fees and bookings for each CWA.

CWAs in Xplor:

To begin with the parent CWA process:

  1. Check and confirm your service's fees. Xplor has released a new option under Profiles > Services > Fees > Select a fee from the Fee List and check 'Make admin only'. This will enable you to hide any fees you do not wish to show on the CWA fee schedule. 
  2. Add in any Additional Conditions specific to a child's CWA enrolment, for example if the parent is entitled to Staff Discounts. To do this navigate to Government Rebates > Government Enrolments > Select a child's Enrolment > on the CCS Enrolment click on 'Update Enrolment Schedule' > and edit the free text field under Additional Conditions.
  3. Release all CWA's to parents with one button. To access this option navigate to Government Rebates > Government Registrations > and select 'Release CWA's'.
  4. Notify your parents that their CCS CWA's will be available from the Xplor Parent Portal. Parents will need to be directed to, login, select a child if they have multiple, then navigate to 'CCS Agreements'.
  5. Parents can now agree to the CWA. In the CWA section, they will see their enrolment schedule. They should check this information and click the blue "I Agree" if correct, if not they should inform their childcare service admin. 
  6. If required, modify the enrolment booking schedule. Your parents may request some changes to their routine sessions or additional conditions. You can do this by navigating to Government Rebates > Government Enrolments > Select a child's Enrolment > on the CCS Enrolment click on 'Update Enrolment Schedule' and adding or removing sessions from the calendar or conditions. Now ask your parents to login again to the parent portal and approve the updated CWA. 

For more information on CWA's and the CCS enrolment process, visit our knowledge base article here

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