Release Notes: 1st June 2018

Dear Services,

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services.

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This Week's Features

Introducing Complying Written Agreements (CWA's)

Beginning today, parents will be able to agree to their new CCS Complying Written Agreement.

To begin with the parent CWA process:

  1. Check and confirm your service's fees. We have released a new option under Profiles > Services > Fees > Select a fee from the Fee List and check 'Hide from Fee Schedule'. This will enable you to hide any fees you do not wish to show on the CWA fee schedule. 
  2. Add in any Special Conditions specific to a child's CWA enrolment, for example if the parent is entitled to Staff Discounts. To do this navigate to Government Rebates > Government Enrolments > Select a child's Enrolment > on the CCS Enrolment click on 'Update Enrolment Schedule' > and edit the free text markup field under Special Conditions.
  3. Release all CWA's to parents with one button. To access this option navigate to Government Rebates > Government Registrations > and select 'Release CWA's'.
  4. Parents will be notified that their CCS CWA's will be available from the Parent Portal. Parents will then go to and login, select a child if they have multiple, then navigate to 'CCS Agreements'.
  5. Parents can now agree to the CWA. In the CWA section, they will see their enrolment schedule. They should check this information and click the blue "I Agree" if correct, if not they should inform their childcare service admin. 
  6. If required, modify the enrolment booking schedule. Your parents may request some changes to their routine sessions. You can do this by navigating to Government Rebates > Government Enrolments > Select a child's Enrolment > on the CCS Enrolment click on 'Update Enrolment Schedule' and adding or removing sessions from the calendar. Now ask your parents to login again and approve the updated CWA. 

For more information on CWA's and the CCS enrolment process, visit our knowledge base article here

Primary Carer Switch Validation

We have released some validation to prevent users from switching primary carers who have outstanding debt or credits on their accounts. This validation is to ensure that the new account holder can pick up where the old primary carer left off.

Before switching to a new primary carer, We will now require users to transfer the balance from one primary carer to another using the Financial Adjustments feature.

To access this feature, navigate to Financial > Adjustments and apply a debit or credit value to the primary carer's account to bring the balance to $0.00. You will then be allowed to switch to a new primary carer.

Upcoming Releases

New Accounts Popup

The old accounts popup is getting an overhaul to help administrators better understand parent accounts, including: The ability to view past primary carer's accounts and the ability to see an even more detailed account view including resubmissions.

New CCMS/CCS Navigation

You may notice some changes to the menu. This is to facilitate the move to CCS and provide access to both CCS and CCMS in one area of the application.

As well as new menu changes, you will also be seeing new menu items appearing. Don't panic, we will announce each change individually and explain exactly what the change is and how it might impact you.

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