4. CWAs (Complying Written Agreements)

The new CCS has introduced Complying Written Agreements (or CWAs) for parents to approve within 7 days of enrolling at the service. We recommend parents approve their CWA in Xplor as soon as you have created bookings for the child.


Process for CWAs:

1. Six weeks of Bookings in the Master Roll.

First create at least 6 weeks worth of bookings for the child on the Master Roll. The system will need this to create a booking schedule on the CWA which the parent will agree to the fees and days. Click here to learn how to create a booking.

2. Release your CWAs.

You can create the enrolments under Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Search Child> Under the heading 'CCS Government Enrolments' click "+ New CCS Enrolment" > Check bookings > Create > Done. You will need to do this for every child expecting subsidy at your service. 
3. Get the primary carer to agree to the CWA in web.myxplor.com. 
Make sure they use a computer and Google Chrome as the web browser. 
This is a good point to check that the parents have completed the activity test and confirmed their enrolment in their MyGov account.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to make changes to CWA before sending them?

If the enrolment schedule needs to be updated or changed, in the side bar go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Then, search for the child name > Click "Update Enrolment Schedule" (big blue button) > The parent will have to re-accept the updated CWA.



How do I check fees?

You need to check and confirm the fees on your CWAs, you have the ability to hide fees that may not be relevant to your families.

To edit fees available go to "Settings" > "Service Settings" > Click the Service > "Fees" > Select a fee from the list and check "Make Admin Only".

This will enable you to hide any fees you do not wish to show on the CWA fee schedule.


How to add a note or an additional condition?

When editing your enrolment schedule in the "Government Enrolments" tab, you will see a field stating "Additional Conditions".

Any information entered into this field will get added to the "Additional conditions" section on the CWA. This can be useful for third party funded places. 

An additional condition could include discounts particular to that account, e.g. the child receives a discount off fees as their parent is a staff member.



Release CWA’s in bulk:

This option is only for accounts that have come across from CCMS on Xplor, go to:

"Child Care Subsidy" > "Government Registrations" tab > Click on your service > Click on the "+ Actions" tab > From the drop down menu select "Release CWAs".

This will send the CWAs to all your parents under that service.

Please ensure you have checked the CWAs before you complete this step.


After releasing CWAs, Notify parents that CWAs are available to sign on the parent portal on the web:

Primary carer accounts need to login to the web via https://web.myxplor.com, select a child if they have multiple, then navigate to "CCS Agreements". If they are viewing on a tablet or mobile the booking schedule may look incorrect. Please use a computer where possible!


Making changes to CWAs after sending them:

If advised of an error by a parent, admin can modify the enrolment booking schedule

Your parents may request some changes to their routine sessions.

You can do this by navigating to "Child Care Subsidy" > "Government Enrolments" > Search for the child’s enrolment > Click on "Notify Government" > From the drop down list click on "Update Enrolment Schedule" and add or remove sessions from the calendar. Then Click "Save" and "Done".

Now ask your parents to login again and approve the updated CWA.



Meanings of CWA statuses in Government Enrolments


Enrolment is still in Xplor and is yet to be approved by parents. The booking schedule can still be modified by the service.


Enrolment has been automatically sent to the government on the child's enrolment start date and no Parent or Child CRNs supplied (think informal enrolment in CCMS).

"Pending Eligibility" 

Has been approved by parents in Xplor (on the parent portal) and enrolment is sent to the government by Xplor with both Individual (parent) and Child CRNs.

Parents now need to login to MyGov and perform an eligibility test. Once complete, these will then skip pending confirmation and move straight to confirmed.

"Pending Confirmation" 

Has been approved by parents in Xplor (on the parent portal) and enrolment is sent to the government by Xplor with both Individual (parent) and Child CRNs. Parent has already completed the eligibility test. Parents now need to login to MyGov and confirm the enrolment.


Has been confirmed by parents in MyGov.


Further information on CWAs can be found in our release notes here.


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