2. Device and Provider Registration then Activation by Xplor

Complete the Provider Registration, B2B Device Registration and Xplor Provider Registration.

You will need to register your providers and register Xplor as a B2B Device through PRODA. Then on Xplor you will need to register your provider through "CCS approvals" via the Xplor Admin Login page.

Identification and Registration Number Checklist:

You will need these details in order to register your providers and complete device registration. If you have completed the Call to Action article you should have access to all these numbers.

If your service operated under CCMS and is an long day care we will require the following codes;

> LDC CCB Approval ID (e.g., 1-7HBQ7T)
> LDC CCMS User Name (e.g., CCMS_1_69S23L)
> LDC CCMS Password (e.g., x!4m4v3eop)

If your service is an OSHC and operated under CCMS we will require the above three credentials for each ASC, BSC and VAC.

If your service did not operate under CCMS we do not require this information.

For all services operating under CCS we will require the following codes;

> Person ID/Management & Control Person ID (This is a 10 digit number and normally starts with '01' e.g., 0127492083)
> CCS Provider ID (Your CCS Provider ID will have 9 numbers starting with a '1', and will end with a letter. E.g., 190028378T). This is distinct from your CCS Service ID.
> PRODA RA Organisation/Org ID (Your Org ID (Organisation ID) is 10 digits long, and only contains numbers. E.g., 3639204739).
> Device name (new services with Xplor need to set up a new device name in PRODA. E.g., XplorDevice).
> One time activation code for device (this needs to have been generated for the new device name, e.g., 6oYIX0KQI4).

Once the above steps are complete, your service will be activated by Xplor:

Once you have completed the steps above and registered your providers and device. We will be able to activate your service for you. We are the only child care software provider who automates this step for services.


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