Delete bookings over Holiday period

Some services on Xplor may stop operation during school holidays, or they may have a period of inactivity for a few weeks a year. During this period, a service needs to let the government know that you would like to pause all new enrolments if you require, and also you will need to delete bookings for this period, so that parents do not incur a charge. If you are confused you can always contact the support desk and we are always happy to help.

Click here to contact support. 

To delete bookings for children at the service over the holiday period:

1. Go to the Master Roll. 

2. Select the children you would like to delete bookings for. Do this by clicking the box at the top of the Master Roll to select the entire list of children. Alternatively, click the box beside their picture to select smaller groups of children. 


3. Once you have made your selection, then click "- Delete".

4. In the pop up box, enter the start date and end date of the holiday period. This will signify the period of bookings you would like deleted. Select the days you would like the bookings deleted for -  "Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri". Then press "Preview".


5. Preview the bookings you wish to delete, tick the box in the top left hand side to select all, then click 'Delete Bookings.'


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