Office Web: Financial- Scheduled Payments FAQ

11th May

Lesson Recap


Changing the billing schedule?

You can change the billing schedule in the child's profile, in the parent/guardian tab, then scroll down to heading “Billing Details”.

You can set a schedule, the frequency of the debit, the payment day and the start week. If you want you can add a 'direct debit limit' (the maximum debit limit for that account) or a 'fixed amount' (each week this amount will be removed from account) but these are not compulsory sections.

Why is there a billing schedule set weekly on a Thursday?

These are the default schedules, you can enter in a new billing schedule. There can only be one billing schedule at a time, so by entering in a new one it will automatically override the old one. An 'Inactive' schedule means it is not used. An 'active' schedule means it is being used. An 'upcoming' schedule means it is due to start in the future.

Why has my billing schedule been changed by Xplor?

All the billing schedules that we upload are based on the providers requirements for its services and are done upon provider requests. We will never upload a schedule without provider or service permission.

Why my parent isn't being charged?

Please check if their payment details are saved on their account. There is a report which shows all the accounts that do not have bank details saved. Go to Analytics > Services> No Bank Details> The report will show a list of all profiles with no bank details saved.

Click here to learn about checking family billing set up.

Want to take money out of a parent account?

The only place you can do this is under 'scheduled payments'. Do not use the 'add payments' button under the 'accounts' tab, as this does not remove money from the accounts and only provides a receipt. This is a function because some services directly deposit money into accounts and they need to be able to add a receipt to those transactions

The scheduled payment screen

The scheduled payments screen shows the current week you are in by default.

You can schedule by days by ticking the boxes above the schedule payment list. You can also organise the list by status. I.e. "Rejected". This is an easy way to see if payments have been rejected. 

Click here to learn about adding scheduled payments.

Click here to learn about adjusting or cancelling scheduled payments.

Click here to learn about adding one time or recurring payments.

Rejected Payments

If a payment is rejected in the scheduled payment screen, you can click on the rejected sign and see in the comment why this happened.

Payments can be rejected by EZIDEBIT, in the comments it will show why e.g. “Balance is less than $2”

Please note: At 12pm daily the system automatically adjusts the deductible amount to the amount due but only if the amount due is lower (not if the amount due it higher.)

You can click "reject" or "adjust" up to 12pm daily on schedule payments.

Click here to learn more about scheduled payment status.

Questions asked:

Difference between deductible amount and amount due?

The general rule is - amount due is the balance on account and the deductible amount is one week worth of fees, but this can differ depending on the account. Any questions about this please direct them to support.


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