Office Hub: Evacuation Plan

This evacuation plan is specifically designed for services with TWO Ipads.

If you only have ONE iPad at your service, it would be best to use the below evacuation plan as a guideline and tailor a plan to suit your own service needs. 


In the case of an emergency (centres with 2 iPads):

1. Remove the iPad with the SIM card from the stand.

How this occurs depends on the stand you have - for instance, it might slide out, it might pop and slide out or it might have to be unlocked-  in this case, ensure that you know where the key is kept.

2. Take the iPad off guided access.

To exit Guided Access mode, you can "triple-click" on the home button in quick succession (the round button at the base of the iPad). You will be prompted to enter your Passcode for guided access- ensure you know what this passcode is in order to turn off guided access.

3. Log into

Using your Xplor credentials through your preferred internet browser e.g. "safari" or "google".

4. Use the iPad Master Roll to tick names who are present.

You can access emergency contact details through Analytics (instructions below).

Please note: If for some reason the iPad is not accessible, you can use a mobile phone that has internet access to login to Xplor at, it won't look exactly the same as on the iPad, but it will be sufficient to do the job. 

Which iPad has the SIM?

We have provided some services in Xplor with two iPads.

One iPad has a SIM card and is connected to the cellular network.

The other iPad is connected to the Wireless network (the childcare's wifi). 

There are two iPads because if the internet crashes at the service, one iPad will still be connected via the mobile network.

You can identify the iPad with a SIM, as it will say "Telstra" in the top bar. (The top bar is where the battery percentage shows.)

Please note: It is suggested that some sort of identifiable marker is placed on the iPad with a SIM before an emergency strikes. This is up to the services discretion. 


If you only have one iPAD, create an emergency contact report that is accessible offline:

It is best to create a report of emergency contacts before an emergency occurs. You can do this through the following steps.

Go to 'Analytics' > Click 'Contacts' from the drop down list > Click 'Emergency Contacts' > It will automatically download a printable list with all the contact details.

In the future an offline feature will be available on the app in order for services to access it if the internet disconnects.