CCS Frequently Asked Questions

When will data migration commence?

Data migration will be available to Xplor pilot customers who are eligible from mid-May and will be openly available to all customers beginning in June.

Are inactive accounts going across to the new system? 

No, inactive accounts are not going to CCS. Only active accounts are going across to the new CCS system. As inactive accounts are no longer enrolled at services, the parents have not permitted for the transition and we are not transferring them.

How do we access information for inactive accounts if they owe us money or we need to check past bookings etc?

These accounts will still be in Xplor, but not migrated to CCS.

Are we able to remove accounts that have been cloned or created in error that don’t have any activity?

We do not remove Xplor children's accounts, even if they are duplicated or erroneous, but this will not matter as inactive accounts are hidden from the system.

Is there anything that we need to be doing?

Until further information is released by the government there is nothing to be doing - you can prepare by making sure all families have downloaded the MyGov app.

Where is the CWA generated from? – Do we need to be doing something, or are we waiting for the Government?

The CWA has not yet been release by the Government, so until further notice we are still waiting. 

Is the CWA sent to every active account?

Yes, CWA will be sent to every active account when released.

Will we get a list of parents who haven’t accepted their CWA, what is the timeline on this –so we can chase parents up before 2nd July?

Yes, this will be made available in Xplor when we have access to it. The government has not released CWA yet, so we cannot give a timeline on this at the moment.