Statement Update: 7th May 2018

7th May 2018

Statements Update

Dear Services,

After much discussion with services, weare releasing some hot fixes to our statements to ease some of the confusion for parents and services using our new look statements.

Issuer Signature

We have taken the decision to change the issuer signature section to instead be the issuer name. We have also changed the font style to give this section a more consistent feel to the rest of the statement.


The issuer name can still also be changed by services by visiting Profiles > Services > Service Details > Change the 'Contact First' and 'Contact Last' names.

The issuer signature section of the statement is a requirement by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training from the Child Care Service Statements Instruction Sheet 1 which are taken from the 'A New Tax System' acts of 1999 and 2009.

The requirement is outlined as follows: "Statements must be signed; however, if you send them electronically an electronic signature will be sufficient."

For more information regarding statements and your responsibility to parents, please see the government's helpful PDF guide here: Child Care Service Statements.

Transactions Section

Through discussions with our services, the transactions listed in the transactions section of the statement have also been changed to make it easier for parents and services to understand.

Feedback from services and parents noticed that our new transactions section included transactions which appeared out of chronological order. These transactions were resubmissions and changes to the parent's account which occurred during the statement period, with the date displayed showing the date that the resubmission or change was for.

We have taken the decision to hide these resubmissions and account changes from parent statements, however will make these transactions available to services in the near future via the account pop-up against parent accounts.

Booking Summary

Some services noticed that they were seeing multiple bookings in the bookings summary. We have added a Care Type column to help services see the type of care associated with each week of bookings.

Get more info

To find out more information on statements, services and parents are able to access our knowledge base article showing a simple guide of how to read our new look statements here.

We would like to thank services for their valuable feedback during this time of transition, if there are further queries and concerns regarding statements, please contact the support team.


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