Release Notes: 4th May 2018

4th May 2018 

Dear Services,

We have some exciting new features and improvements to share with our services.

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CCS Provider Transition

Last week, you may have received the government’s call to action to transition your provider registration to CCS.

We are running through the software activation and provider transition process with a select group of pilot customers to ensure a smooth transition to CCS for all childcare providers.

If you have already received your Call to Action from the government, and would like to participate as a pilot customer in our initial trials, please contact support here: and we can help you get started.

Also, watch out for our CCS webinars and communications over the coming months to stay up to date with the latest CCS news. You can also learn more on the website here.

This Week's Features

New Look Statements

We are pleased to announce our brand new statements which are easier to understand, better designed and have added support for CCS.

Please Note: Services can generate a new look statement by clicking Financial > Accounts > Statement> Detailed Statement. The existing statement format can still be generated by services via the "print" and "email" commands. This will shortly also be changed over to our new statements in the coming weeks.

Services and parents may notice a difference in the transactions listed in both the old and new statements, this is due to the new and improved accounting format. 

It is important to note, parent's scheduled payment amounts will remain unchanged.


Our new look statements include a simpler to navigate design and show easy to read breakdowns of transactions, bookings, payments, and child information.


The transaction listing showcases the current history of a parent's account including all the booking fees, miscellaneous fees and payments in the form of government subsidies, scheduled payments and manually added payment receipts.

Please Note: the dates and transactions in this table may appear out of order as a result of government attendance resubmissions and any changes made to parents accounts by services. 


The booking summary is where parents can view current and upcoming bookings at a week level until the end of the billing cycle including estimated upcoming subsidies and actual subsidies that have been paid.

Parents can also find the CCB Approval ID of the service and care type that they are receiving subsidies for in brackets next to the booking summary title.


The payment summary shows scheduled payments for the parent's account from the payment gatewt. Parents will only see the payment summary section for current statements and not historical statements. 


The child summary shows the child's enrolment ID with the service, their absences for the statement period and their total absences for the year to date.

To find out more information on statements, services and parents are able to access our knowledge base article showing a simple guide of how to read our new look statements here.

Upcoming Releases

Enhanced Discounting

We are working on new methods of applying discounts to a child's fees which will allow for greater reporting of discounts applied across services.

New CCMS/CCS Navigation

Over the coming weeks you are going to be seeing some changes to the Office menu. This is to facilitate the move to CCS and provide access to both CCS and CCMS in one area of the application.

As well as new menu changes, you will also be seeing new menu items appearing. Don't panic, we will announce each change individually and explain exactly what the change is and how it might impact you.

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