Account Statements Issuer Name

The issuer name can be found at the bottom of each PDF version of a parent statement. This is an electronic signature of the service representative.


Making changes to your statement issuer name

If you would like your name changed, or if your name is incorrect on your account statement, this can be changed by updating the contact details in your service settings. Head to Settings > Service Settings > Service Details > Update the Contact First Name and Contact Surname. If you are unable to access this, please contact support for assistance.

Deleting your name

The issuer name section cannot be deleted due to current legislation in place, see below.

If you would prefer your name was not on the statements, we can change the name to appear as the title of your childcare service instead. Please let the support desk know if you would like this change to occur. 

Legislation on E-Signatures

According to the Australian Government Department of Eduction and Training:

"Statements must be signed; however, if you send them electronically an electronic signature will be sufficient." (Childcare service statements document, Australian Government)

For further reading on this legislation, please click the link below: