Security Statement

Security Statement:
Our servers are hosted on Amazon AWS, using only their Australian availability zones (this is the AWS term for data centres). Both data and servers have failover across availability zone. This means that in the event of the loss of one of the Amazon data centres, our customers' data will still be protected. 
We conduct regular security penetration testing to ensure the highest standards of data protection are maintained and preserved.
Encryption: All your data travels encrypted between you and us:
We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) over HTTPS. This provides extremely secure encryption between your browser, or mobile device, and our servers. We use SHA-256 with RSA Encryption which provides one of the highest grades of encryption available. 
Data sovereignty: Your data is stored and backed up daily in Australia:
All your data is stored on our servers in Australia and backed up across data centres, all of which reside on Australian soil. European customers will soon be able to have all their data stored on servers hosted within the European Union.
How your data is used: We don’t share your data with any 3rd party:
We store your data exclusively for the use of the service, parents and educators who require access to it. We do not share your data with advertising companies, or any other 3rd party. The data is used only for the purposes of providing you with the services you signed up for.