Managing Mobile Bookings - Service Settings

Mobile bookings allow parents to view the available bookings for a service on a given day on the Home app and instantly book a session. The default behaviour of Home app is to allow Mobile Bookings. If you would rather require staff approval for bookings coming from the Home app, you can enable Mobile Booking Requests. When this setting is enabled, parents will only be able to request a booking instead of allowing them to book straight onto the roll.  

Enabling/Disabling Mobile Booking Requests:

Mobile bookings requests need to be enabled or disabled from Admin for each service under Settings > Service Settings > select Service > App Settings > Home > Mobile Booking Requests. If this setting is toggled:

  • ON: Parents will be forced to make booking requests through the Home app or web. These will need to be actioned by the service before any changes are made to the Master Roll. Learn about actioning booking notifications here. You can see this setting in the ON state below:


  • OFF: Parents will be able to make bookings directly into the Master Roll if there are spaces. To ensure these are assigned the right fee, you will need to set up booking rules. Learn about how to create booking rules here. You can see this setting in the OFF state below:


Room Capacity

Built-in conditional logic ensures parents can not book if the room has exceeded its maximum capacity (capacity is set via the room settings in Office). It also ensures that only rooms that match the child's age will show availabilities.