Scheduled Payment Status

Understanding status of scheduled payments:

Under "Financial" in the side bar > Then "Scheduled Payments", you can view the weeks scheduled payments.

The 'Status' column on this page will advise on the status of each payment:

  • Approved: approved by the service to send to the gateway (i.e. Ezidebit) on the day listed
    • payments will typically generate on Friday night for the following week with Approved status.
  • Pending: sent by Xplor to the gateway.
    • pending status is normally skipped by credit card transactions and up to a day for direct debit transactions.
  • Submitted: gateway has confirmed receipt of scheduled payment with Xplor; payment will now be listed on family's account.
    • submitted status should not last more than 5 working days, which is the settlement period.
  • Completed: gateway has fully processed the payment.
  • Rejected: payment has been rejected; payment may be listed as 'Reversed' on family's account.
    • all payments should either be completed or rejected after 5 working days.