Scheduled Payment Settings

  • Only active primary carer's can add billing details through their account. 
  • Administrators cannot add or edit banking information themselves.
  • Administrators are the only people who can update the payment plans: e.g. Day the payment is taken out and for how much each week, fortnightly or monthly.
  • If you wish to change something service wide please contact support.  

To get to the Scheduled Payment Tab:

  • Go to "Profiles" > "Children" > Select or search the child you need > Click the "Parent/Guardian tab" > Find Primary Carer > Click "View Parent Profile" > In the parent profile go to "Scheduled Payment Settings" tab. 

Checking parent billing:

On the Scheduled Payment Settings you will see the below options: 

  • Scheduled Payment Settings - Here you can see if parent banking details are saved or you can delete the parent banking details all together.  E.g. Payment details saved "NO" means we cannot create the scheduled payment due to the parent not updating their banking information. 
  • Create Payment Plan - Here you can add new payment plans to the primary carer account.
  • Payment Plan History - Which payment plans are currently active or upcoming or inactive for the parent. Only 'active' plans will be used for current scheduled payments. 


Payment Details Saved "Yes" or "No"

  • This will advise if the parent has a linked with a payment gateway that will allow your service to auto-debit their account. 
  • 'Yes' means they have billing set up, 'No' means they have not saved their details.
  • The primary carer can add these through the account
  • If they have had previously an auto-debit account and experience issues adding or updating their details a second time around, please contact support.

Deleting billing details:

  • Ticking "DO NOT DEBIT" will stop payments going through on a parents account and will delete all banking details saved. 
  • *If deleting payment information please also check scheduled payments for that day to ensure that no payments will go through on the account as it may take a while for the deletion to communicate to the payment gateway.*
  • If you make any changes please ensure you scroll down to the bottom of the page and press "Save" to cement all changes. 

Whole service list of missing bank details:

  • Go to "Reports" > "Service Reports" > "No Bank Details" > Select service and date > Click "Generate Report" > Open Report


Adjusting Payment Plans:


  • Go to Profiles > Children > Parent/Guardian > Find the primary carer and click "View Parent Profile" > Click "Scheduled Payment Settings" > Scroll to "Create Payment Plan" > Add in 

The admin in conversation with the parent or area manager, can set the frequency of billing.

  • Enter in the frequency (weekly or fortnightly), the payment day (day the payment will be taken each week), the billing schedule start date (must be a Monday)

You can also enter:

  • A Direct debit limit (optional) - the maximum amount to be withdrawn on this account
  • Or a fixed amount (optional) - the fixed amount to be deducted each week

Press save once you are happy with the payment plan.

  • Please ensure the Start week is the week you want billing to start! It will only commence at this date.
  • Please ensure that you cancel or adjust any payments for this week if you have set the billing schedule to start on a future week.

Payment Plan Status:

  • "Active" status is the current billing
  • "Upcoming" is the next billing 
  • If you enter in two "upcoming" schedules for the same date, the newest one you have added will apply to the account
  • "Inactive" no longer active


If you have issues with a billing schedule or want to see who set it up, look at the "Created By" column. This may say "Xplor" or an admin username. It will say nothing if it was added as a default plan by your onboarding account manager when you came onto Xplor. 

Xplor can only set billing schedules in conversation with admin at the service and we cannot make changes without their permission. 

Note that the system has a default billing schedule of Weekly on a Thursday.


To view more information on further topics, please click the link below:

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