Office Web: Financial - Payment Plan for parents

The "Scheduled Payment Settings" tab allows you to create or manage individual parent accounts payment plans.


  • Only active primary carer's can add billing details through their account. 
  • Administrators cannot add or edit banking information themselves.
  • Administrators are the only people who can update the payment plans: e.g. Day the payment is taken out and for how much each week, fortnightly or monthly.
  • If you wish to change something service wide please contact support.  
Checking if parent has saved bank details
  • "Payment Details Saved" will say "Yes" or "No" to indicate if the parent has saved their details
  • "Details Saved" will indicate the date and time the parent had saved their payment details
  • Go to Reports > Service Reports > Bank Details saved to get an overall summary of which parents have not saved their details across your entire service
  • Refer parents to this article for instructions to save their payment details: Parent Instructions: Adding Bank Details to Xplor
Checking current payment plan
  • If you did not discuss a different payment plan during your onboarding process, the default payment plan is weekly on a Thursday
  • There can only be one active payment plan at any given time
  • The current plan will be recorded as "active" in the "Status" column
  • "Inactive" payment plans are previous payment plans
  • The "Active" payment plan will be replaced by the most recent "Upcoming" payment plan from the "Start Week" (please note: please ensure that the start week always falls on a Monday. Otherwise, payments will not be generated for the first week. You can always select the payment day to be a different day.
Creating a new payment plan



Monthly (every 4 weeks)

Payment Day Day that parent will be charged
Start Week   Effective start date. Please note: make sure that this is always a Monday for it to be effective from the first week
Direct Debit Limit Parent will never automatically be charged more than this amount. 
Fixed Amount Parent will always be charged the inputted fixed amount, even if their balance is less than the fixed amount. This is normally not recommended unless absolutely necessary.
Pausing payment plan

Pausing payment plans will prevent automatic scheduled payments from being generated between the "Start Date" and "End Date". You can still generate a one time payment for this period if necessary. 

 You can "Delete" any paused payments period in the "Pause Payments History" section.