Xplor Login Portals, Usernames and Password Resets

 Xplor has different login portals for parents, educators, and administrators.

Click here for Xplor's web login page

Xplor Login Portal Summary

The table below summarises each Xplor portal and how to login to each one. 

Product (user) How to login

Office Web


Playground App


  • Download the Xplor Playground app using your mobile device
  • When you first download the app, you are required to login using your Service credentials
  • Select a room then login using Educator credentials

Playground Web 


  • Link: https://playground.myxplor.com/
  • Accounts used to login:
    • Educator 
    • Administrator 
    • Service 
      • Only account that can be used to create plan/document templates

Xplor HUB

(Parent/visitor sign in)

  • Link: https://hub.myxplor.com/
  • Login using your services Service credentials first
  • Parents will firstly need to set their mobile number and PIN using their Parent credentials. Parents will only need to use their mobile and PIN going forwards. 

Home Web


Care App



Xplor User Access Summary

The table below summarises each type of Xplor user account and what each account has access to. 

User Type (Username Location) Access Forgot Password?


(Settings > Provider Settings)

  • Office
    • Has the most access to Xplor office
    • Has the ability to add other administrator users
    • Can manage administrator permissions
    • Has access to provider level reports 
Click here


(Settings > Service Settings > select service) 

  • HUB
    • Only used for initial login
  • Playground App
    • Only used for initial login
  • Playground Web 
    • Only account that can create templates
Click here


(Profiles > Administrators) 

  • Office
    • Permissions depend of how the provider manages this
  • Playground Web
 Click here


(Email used in Profiles > Educators)

  •  Playground App
    • When the app is first downloaded, service credentials need to be added first.
  • Playground Web
 Click here


(Profiles > Parents/Guardian)

  • Home Web
  • Care App
  • HUB
    • Use email and password to register mobile number and PIN
Click here


(Profiles > Children > select child > Xplorer)

Only parents can invite Xplorers

  • HUB
    • Use email and password to register mobile number and PIN
  • Care app
    • Use email and password from invite
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