Xplor Login Portals

Xplor has different login portals for parents, educators, and administrators.


Xplor Administrators

To access their web logins, administration can use the following link:


  • prodadmin.myxplor.com/elc


While there is only one primary ELC login, you can create additional logins for other administrators who need access to Xplor Office. For more information on creating Administrators, click here.

Resets password by Profiles > Administrators > Reset Password


Xplor Hub

  • Xplor Hub is a powerful way for parents and visitors to sign in and out of the service. 
  • (Service username and password will be required to login - Hub Setup)
  • (Parents will need to follow this steps to start using the Xplor Hub - Parent Set Up)
  • Hub Portal - hub.myxplor.com
  • Service Resets password by: Settings > Service Settings > Reset Password


Parent - Xplor Web/App Login

All the information you need. All in the one place.

  • Child's Timeline, Notifications, Bookings, Observations, Health, Journals, Auto-Debit Setup, Accounts, Profile.
  • Password received when the service creates a profile: 
  • Profiles > Children > select Child > Parent/Guardian > Add New or Add Existing > add email address > Save
  • Parents Web Portal - https://web.myxplor.com/
  • Parent Web Portal (Playground Only) - https://home.myxplor.com/ 


Educators - Xplor Playground/App Login  

All the information you need. All in the one place. 

  • Observations, Health events, Documentation, Planning.
  • (Educators require their email and password to login to the web portal or app. Educators will receive an email link to create a password once the service has entered in the educator details into Xplor.)    
  • Educators Web Portal - https://playground.myxplor.com/
  • Resets password by:<https://playground.myxplor.com/> Forgot Password
  • Note: cannot be the same login email as a Parent



Now you are logged in, you get set up your users!


For more information on how to reset a password, see our Reset Password page


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