Troubleshooting Errors and Parent Login - Hub

The Hub

Below are common errors you may experience on the HUB and the troubleshooting steps to fix these. This may include error messages or troubles parents are experiencing when trying to log in.


Parent needs a new Account Password
  1. Parents can go to and click Forgot Password
  2. Service Leaders can reset a parent's password by going to Profiles > Children > select Child > Parent/Guardian tab > Reset Password

If they have not logged in before and need a new password reset, they can issue this to themselves via this link:

Parent did not receive the invitation

- Parent should check their spam or junk folders for the email
- Service Leader should check the exact email address saved in Office, any misspelling will prevent the parent from receiving it

The service can resend the welcome email to parents using these instructions.

Parent wishes to use a new email 

Service Leader should enter the new email address under Profiles > Parents and Guardian > select Parent > Update the Email > Save

"API Error Message"

This suggests that there is no connection to the internet and therefore you will need to switch the wifi off and on again and then reopen the Hub.

Click here to learn about checking the internet connection on your device.

"This phone number already exists"

Please contact support, then we can get the phone number removed from the backend and help you set up a new phone number.

"Invalid login credentials"

Please check that you have typed in the correct number on the Hub. If you have forgotten your pin, please click this link to set up your pin again.

If you are typing in the correct details, please get your centre admin to check that the email and phone number are correct in the system.

Administrators need to ensure:

  • There should be no spaces before or after the email address that they have saved in.
  • The number the parent is typing is exactly the same as the one logged on their profile.

If they are correct and you are still having issues please contact support and we can check further for you.