Cessation of Care

Services Australia generally won’t pay CCS for any absences before a child physically attends or after the last day your child physically attends care. Families will need to pay full fees for these days.


However if they have an approved reason, Services Australia pay CCS for up to 7 absence days. You can use these either:

  • before your child attends their first day of care, including their first day
  • after their last day they physically attend care, including their last day.

You can follow the steps here to find out how to apply prescribed absences.

If you know a child will be absence on their first or last day of care and Cessation of Care will apply, we recommend setting up a Cessation of Care fee and adding this to known affected bookings as soon as possible to submissions. 

Depending on your centre's policies and notice of enrolment requirements, if the service chooses not to charge for the last or first day absences, alternatively the booking can be deleted off the rolls for the required days.

Creating a Cessation of Care Fee

We recommend setting a Cessation of Care style fee to correspond to each fee/booking type currently in your system.

This will allow you to adjust bookings where you know the child is absence on their first/last day of care so that no CCS is expected by the family and they can plan their finances accordingly and no CCS can be removed at a future date when the family has left the centre.

  1. Go to Settings > Service Settings > Select Service > Go to Fees tab > Click Add Fee

  2. A pop-up will appear prompting you to fill out details about your new fee, including:

    • Fee Name - This will appear on bookings and statements, we suggest adding Cessation of Care 

    • Fee Type - Normal or Casual, if casual is selected a purple pill will appear against the booking on the Master Roll

    • Visibility - who can see it, admins or all educators (public)
    • Australian CCS - As this fee will most likely not attract a CCS payment, we suggest leaving this box unticked when creating a Cessation of Care specific fee. When submitting these sessions, there will be no CCS estimate attached. Non-CCS fees will not have associated sessions submitted to the government. 
    • Start Time & Finish Time - This will only be shown to services who have their Submission Hours set to fees under Xplor Billing
    • Fee Amount & Gross Amount
    • Attach to Rooms - Determines what rooms this fee can be used for and it will appear as an option on the Master Roll when creating bookings. We suggest attached each Cessation of Care fee to the room you expect it to be used for.
  3. Once you're happy with the information, select "Create" and the fee should appear in the Fee List below.


Applying a Cessation of Care Fee

We recommend applying  a Cessation of Care Fee ahead of time as soon as you know that the child will not be attending.

This ensures that accurate CCS estimations and actuals can be applied to the parent account and any payments calculated are accurate.  

You can apply a Cessation of Care fee by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Master Roll > Select Booking 
  2. Mark as Absence
  3. Adjust the fee to match the non-Australian CCS Cessation of Care fee in your system
  4. Press Submit 

This will update the child's CCS estimation for the week and reflect these changes on the parent statement. When submissions are sent to the government on the Friday, no CCS will be received for the adjusted session.


If a Cessation of Care needs to be applied after submissions have been sent, you can follow the steps above and resubmit the session/s

Ceasing Government Enrolments

There are two options when ending the CCS enrolment end date. It is a business decision as to which option you would prefer.

  • Wait until the child has completed their last booked in session before ending the enrolment. This is the recommended option to ensure that the final automatic submissions get processed. Once the CCS has been paid for the last week, you can go back and set the CCS enrolment end date. 
  • Set the CCS enrolment end date in advance. This is recommended if you are aware of a child being absent for their last session. This will prevent CCS from being paid for the last absent day/s, then later being withdrawn. Set the end date to be on the Sunday after their last day so submissions still are processed on the Friday.

No matter which timeline you choose, to end the enrolment navigate to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Select Child > + Actions > End CCS Enrolment > Set the end date > Save.


The end date cannot be set in the past. If 'invalid date' displays, check the date is the current day or later, and try save once again.