Queensland Kindy Funding

The Queensland Government has introduced a new kindy funding scheme to give every child a great start, making kindergarten more affordable and improving accessibility for all families.


Kindergarten funding is provided to eligible services delivering an approved kindergarten program to support the cost of delivering kindergarten.

The objectives of this funding are to:

  • improve educational outcomes for children
  • increase participation and attendance of all children in Queensland
  • target funding to children who need it most
  • improve inclusiveness of services
  • improve affordability by reducing fees for families
  • help children reach their full potential when they are at kindergarten

A kindergarten program may be delivered at a long day care service or sessional kindergarten (through membership with or an affiliate of a central governing body). To be eligible for and receive subsidies/grants, each service provider must have obtained approved kindergarten program provider status.   

Further information can be found in the 2023 Kindergarten Funding Guide or at the Department of Education.

Queensland services will now be required to send a forecast to the government based on the estimate of future predicted booked sessions and revenue for kindy sessions.

  • Funding will be based on booked sessions, not actual attendance. The government will then pay services in advance based on the forecasted information. The Government have advised payments to service or provider will take up to 2-3 business days after the forecast is submitted. 
  • If the service is overpaid based on the forecast submitted, the government will recoup the extra funds from their next forecast. The centre will not need to repay this out of pocket.
  • If the service is underpaid based on the forecast, a top-up fund will be added to their next forecast payment.
  • Once the funding period is completed, services will then need to send the actual booked sessions and revenue data to the government through an acquittal process.
  • For both Long Day Care and Sessional Kindy, acquittals will need to be lodged near the end of each semester or term, 2 - 4 times a year, depending on the centre type. Acquittals much be lodged before the next semester/terms forecast can be lodged. 
  • While having all children in the same room can help admins to organised, it is not essential to be eligible for the 2023 Queensland Kindy Funding. Provided the child has been associated with the QKF Program via:
    • Office > CCS > QKF 2023 > Programs
    • Office > Profiles > Children > [Select Child] > QKF 2023 Tab
    and all other required fields in children’s profile and programs have been filled out, you will be able to submit your Kinder Forecast.


Creating a New Room

When setting up your QKF program, children can be linked to a Preschool or Kindy Room Type in order to assist with administration.

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click on Room Settings.
  3. Select Add New to the top right of the screen.
  4. Fill in Details
  5. Click Add.



Room Name

  • This name will appear on the Master Roll in bookings and the child's profile.

Room Type

  • Select the most relevant room type.

Start time and end time

  • Determine the window in which bookings can be made in this room.
  • Appears as closed on the playground app outside of this window,and bookings with times greater or less than the window will not be able to be added to the room.

Children Per Educator (per Staff ratio)

  • Determines your roster requirements and should be a whole number. For example, 11 indicates 11 children for every 1 educator.

Age from and to

  • Children can only be enrolled in the room if their age falls within this age group.


  • Dictates the number of children that can be booked into the room. The capacity cannot be exceeded via mobile bookings but can be overridden by bookings added via the Master Roll.
  • The effective date is the date the capacity change will take effect from. This capacity setting will limit any bookings made by parents after this date.

    You can view the capacity history when you click into the room you have set up. 
Entering QKF Credentials 

The Queensland government has sent emails to the eligible and registered Queensland services that provide a funded kindy program. The services will need to go through and create their QKF credentials, which will include:

  • Client ID
  • Secret Key

Once the service has created these credentials through Queensland Government, they will be required to input them into the Office system, similar to how B2B information is currently inputted. You will input this under Child Care Subsidy > QKF 2023 > Credentials

Adding a New Program

The previous process, which included the QKFS tab in Service Settings, will still be available to view historical data. All new programs will need to be created in the QKF 2023 tab.

To turn on this this menu item, log into your Office account as a provider or through an approved administrator account, navigate to Settings > Service Settings > App Settings > QKF 2023 


  1. Navigate to the menu on the left of your screen. Click Child Care Subsidy > QKF 2023.
  2. Click Programs.


3. Select the type of program: Sessional Kindy or Long Day Care:

  • Sessional Kindy is a centre that only offers the kindy program and no additional care types. You will be required to input your forecasts and acquittals as semester data. The maximum that can be claimed is 21 weeks per semester.
  • Long Day Care is centre-based care that offers both kindy programs and regular long day care and/or before and after school care. You will be inputting your forecast and acquittals per term with four eligible terms per year available. Within this claim, each term has a maximum length of 13 weeks.


4. Click ‘+Add’ to input a new program 

5. You will be required to input the following information:

  • Program name (e.g Term 1 2023 / Semester 1 2023).
  • Out of Pocket Fee – This is the full session fee before CCS is deducted. If you have multiple fees applicable to the Kindy Room, you can average the fees or, alternatively, input a separate program per fee and attach the relevant children.
  • Start date – When this program starts.
  • Weeks:
    • Sessional Kindy can claim a maximum of 21 weeks per semester. 
    • Long Day Care can claim a maximum of 13 weeks per term. 
  • Program Term:
    • For Sessional Care, it is expected that a forecast would include P1 (semester 1) or P3 (semester 2).
    • For Long Dare Care, it is expected that a forecast would include P1 (quarter 1), P2 (quarter 2), P3 (quarter 3) or P4 (quarter 4).
  • Operating Days:


6. Click '+ Show Operating Days'. Once you have input the start date and program length (Weeks), you will be required to input the days your service offers the kindy program. This needs to be selected for each week listed. 



  • You can apply a weekly schedule to their kinder programs, which avoids the need to click the operating days for each week within a particular Kinder program. This is useful if your service offers any recurring days within a kinder program, you only need to set the days once and you will be able copy them across.


7. Press ’Save’ in the upper right-hand corner to ensure your program details are saved successfully.

Adding QKF Evidence

Once the program has been created, you can then update the child’s profile with relevant QKF evidence.

  1. Navigate to ‘Profiles’ > ‘Children’ and select the relevant child
  2. Once in the child’s profile, press the ‘QKF 2023’ tab.
  3. Within this tab, there are four areas of information to complete:
    • Child Details: This will be prefilled based on the child’s enrolment form.
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status will need to be updated manually.
    • Additional Details: You will need to select from the dropdown menu the most accurate description. Each selection will allow you to enter further information around what considerations would be for each area.

    • Evidence: This is where you can store evidence, such as copies of a child’s visa, Health Care Cards, or any other evidence that relates to the above Additional Details.


Note: Evidence is not sent in the forecast but is held for internal purposes. 

4. Children can also be added to programs from this page, in addition to the QKF 2023 tab. In the dropdown, you can select the relevant program to add the child to. 


Adding Children to the Program

> Once the program has been created, you will be able to view all programs in the QKF 2023 tab. You can navigate to a program by using one or a combination of filters included in the search function. Alternatively, you can search through the page/pages of your programs on the system.

  1. Click on the program name you wish to view. 
  2. Once in the program selected, press ‘Select Children’.
  3. Select the relevant children by ticking the checkbox next to their name. You can use the filters within this screen to locate the relevant children.
  4. Once selected, press ‘Next’.This will take you to another screen to review. If all is correct, press ‘Save’.
Adding Educators to the Program


  • Navigate to the bottom of the screen in the relevant program to the Educator section. 
  • Press ‘Select Educators'.
  • Select the relevant educators by ticking the checkbox next to their name. You can filter by their ACECQA qualifications. * This information can be updated in their Educator Profiles.
  • After you have selected the relevant Educators, press ‘Save’.


Note: Please ensure you press ‘Save’ in the upper right-hand corner of the Program page to ensure all changes are successfully saved before exiting. 

If you need to make a change to the educators linked to the program:

  1. Navigate to Child Care Subsidy > QKF 2023.
  2. Under Educators, your linked Educators will be listed. Press the rubbish bin icon to remove.
  3. Press 'Save' at the top of the page.
Educator Qualifications

The Queensland government has requested that the Educators' qualifications be linked to an ACECQA status. To input this information, there is now a place to update this in the Educator’s profile. 

  1. Navigate to ‘Profiles’ > ‘Educators’.
  2. Select the relevant Educator’s name.
  3. Once in their profile, under the Accounts Settings tab, there is now an ACECQA Status option.Screenshot_2023-01-19_at_2.43.48_pm.png
  4. Input the correct ACECQA Status (Fully Qualified, Working Towards, or Not Recognised ECT by ACECQA).



5. Press ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

This status will now be visible next to the Educator’s name when attaching them to your QKF program in Child Care Subsidy > QKF 2023.

Queensland Kindy Submissions Portal 

You’ll need to submit the relevant program details to the Queensland Government. To do this, you will need to create a submission.

  1. Navigate to Child Care Subsidy > QKF 2023.
    Note: If this tab is not visible to you, you may need to toggle this on in Service Settings > App Settings.
  2. Once in the tab, you will be able to see a list of all programs that have been created. By clicking on the relevant program, you will be able to view its details. 
  3. All programs will be submitted as one forecast. Each forecast will need to be both Simulated as well as Submitted.
  • Simulate Submission: simulating the submission allows the API to run as if it were submitting to the government and will return any errors. If any populate, you will need to remedy them before submitting. *Note: You will need to simulate at least once prior to submitting.
  • Submission: this will be selected once you are ready to send the program data to the government. This option will only become active when the service has run at least one simulation.