Release Notes: 8th December 2022

We have some exciting updates to share with our services.

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This feature will be live on 14 December.

Educator Communication—Messenger

Playground and Home have been designed to empower educators and parents to take care of children, whether in the centre or at home.

In addition to the core functionality, educators will now be able to communicate promptly with parents using Messenger in Playground - a vital element in the journey of each child’s development is for parents and educators to communicate freely with each other.

In this release, parents can communicate with educators via the Home app. Educators will receive the following in the Playground app:


And parents will see this in Home:



This feature will be live on 15 December.

CCS Enrolments in the Master Roll

We’re making the CWA process even simpler with two additional updates in Office:

  1. Save time enrolling a new child by adding bookings and creating CCS enrolments on one page. After you have submitted booking details for a child with no CCS enrolment detected, you’ll be given the option to create a CCS enrolment on the same page.


  2. Keep your CWAs up-to-date easily by being prompted to update an existing CWA after updating a child's bookings in the Master Roll.

    After making changes to a child’s bookings in the Master Roll, you’ll be given the option to update the CWA at the same time. If you continue, this will update the CWA agreement and send the primary carer an email prompt to approve the updated CWA agreement in Home.



  • No changes will be made to the Government Enrolment page—you’ll still be able to create and update CCS enrolments from there

  • These updates do not apply to services that are not registered for CCS.