Programming & Planning: Playground App

You can now access Programming & Planning on your iPad through Playground App!


We're hoping that this update means you can spend less time on admin, capture learning authentically and get back to providing quality education for the children in your care.

You can access Programming & Planning by clicking the top option on your right hand side menu in Playground App and logging in with your educator credentials.

From there, you can create Observations, Documentation, Canvas and Tables as you usually would, utilise Layouts created for your service or provider and access Learning Analysis to help inform your planning cycle.

If you're logging in with a service or provider level login, you will also be able to review any learning documents created by educators will a 'Needs Review' setting selected in their profile. 

Please note, the following features are currently limited with Programming & Planning:

  • This feature is available on iPads only. 
  • Printing is currently unavailable when using Programming & Planning 
  • You are currently able to view and download reports, however you will need to install a PDF viewer app, such as Adobe 
  • The creation of Learning Frameworks and Layouts is not currently accessible in app
  • When viewing Educators profiles, the 'About' and 'Qualifications' tabs are currently unavailable